Barklem Art

Anna and Chris


Anna Barklem

Anna Barklem was born in Madrid, Spain, and now lives and works in her shared in Barcelona, Spain. She has been a passionate painter since she was 9 years old.

Anna’s studied at the “Escola D’Art, Superior De Disseny Pau Gargallo”, in Badalona, Barcelona, Spain. Where her main focus was on classical fine arts.

Anna’s style allows her to follow many different artistic directions. She is currently focusing on Abstract Landscape and Abstract Expressionism.

Chris Barklem

Chris Barklem was born in London, England, and now lives and works in his shared studio in Barcelona, Spain. He has been a dedicated designer for his whole working life. His journey began with technical drawing and then evolved over the decades from furniture design, commercial interior design, digital design, UX Design, and finally painting.

Chris’s style is continuously developing based on a project by project basis. In each project, he studies new possibilities with materials and application methods.


Carrer Escales de Can Caralleu, 5,

Barcelona, Spain