Cardenio I


Chris Barklem

The story of

Cardenio I

60cm x 60cm


The painting “Cardenio I” is the last in a series of 3 paintings called Cardenio by the artist Chris Barklem.

In this series, the artist restricts himself by using a color pallet, which was popular in the 1600s.

The artist used a modern paint dragging technique to instill movement, depth of contrast, and perspective.

The artist aims to portray urban and landscape abstractions of the outlying districts of Barcelona. In said districts, which include Can Caralleu, the urban mixes with the natural and ancient forests of the Collserola.

The artist used the highest quality canva professional acrylics, mediums, and varnishes.

Images of Cardenio I

Colors used in Cardenio I

  • ApproximatelyOrient

  • ExactlyBlack

  • ApproximatelyMatisse

  • ApproximatelyNeptune

  • ApproximatelyElm

  • ApproximatelyAstronaut Blue

  • ApproximatelyWedgewood

  • ApproximatelyTradewind

  • ApproximatelyBlue Chill

  • ApproximatelyEastern Blue

  • ApproximatelyRegal Blue

  • ApproximatelyKeppel

  • ApproximatelyShadow Green

  • ApproximatelyBlue Stone

  • ApproximatelyHoki

  • ApproximatelyOracle

  • ApproximatelyBreaker Bay

  • ApproximatelyFaded Jade

  • ApproximatelySea Nymph

  • ApproximatelyHippie Blue


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