Chris Barklem

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60cm x 60cm

The painting “ LXXI ” is one in a series of abstract expressionism paintings by the artist Chris Barklem, a professional artist based in Barcelona, Spain.

The series took inspiration from the abstract expressionism “drip” painting method of Jackson Pollock (1912 – 1956). Instead of using a drip (as Jackson did), Chris used a blend of professional acrylics, fluid mediums, and innovative application methods to recreate the movement and give profound depth. 

It is named “ LXXI ” as the artist took his inspiration the naming convention of Jackson Pollock (numbers only) with a twist by using the Latin numbering system (“71”).

The highest quality canvas on a professionally crafted stretcher. The artist used professional acrylics, mediums, and varnishes by the manufacturer Liquitex.


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