Chris Barklem

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80cm x 80cm


The painting “Rubeus” is one in a series of abstract expressionism paintings called Saeculum by the artist Chris Barklem, a professional artist based in Barcelona, Spain.

This artwork investigates the brilliance of red. Working with layers of wet acrylics to blend color and vibrance into an explosion of red with highlights which only nature can produce.

The technique of moving acrylic is achieved with sheets of pvc across the wet acrylic surface with layers of thining mediums to allow movement of the paint upon paint.

The highest quality canvas on a professionally crafted stretcher. The artist used professional acrylics, mediums, and varnishes by the manufacturer Liquitex.

Images of Rubeus

Colors used in Rubeus

  • ApproximatelyRed

  • ApproximatelyVermilion

  • ApproximatelyGuardsman Red

  • ApproximatelyRose of Sharon

  • ApproximatelyBlaze Orange

  • ApproximatelyRed

  • ApproximatelyCoral

  • ExactlyRed Berry

  • ApproximatelyGrenadier

  • ApproximatelyBright Red

  • ApproximatelyBamboo

  • ApproximatelyPumpkin

  • ApproximatelyRose of Sharon

  • ApproximatelyFire

  • ApproximatelyPunch

  • ApproximatelyChristine

  • ApproximatelyRoof Terracotta

  • ApproximatelyIndochine

  • ApproximatelyFlamingo

  • ApproximatelySea Buckthorn


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