Splendid Defiance I


Anna Barklem

The story of

Splendid Defiance I

60cm x 60cm


The artwork Splendid Defiance I is the first in a series of expressionist paintings by the artist Anna Barklem.

This artwork focuses on the figure of a woman bent over in a curved form, which accentuates the female form.

This work uses a less abstract color pallet (as opposed to the more abstract colors used later in the series). This makes the expressionism more lifelike as the colors are closer to those combined in modern figure painting.

The artist removes overcomplicated details in the foreground and background to allow the viewers to focus and become consumed by the pose (arch) of the figure. By reducing the details across the canvas, the beauty of the form becomes center stage.

The artist uses a combination of broad brushstrokes over the main smaller details to give balance across the foreground and background. The choice of lightings is also used to remove the background (far right) while balancing the left area with the matching color of the character’s hair.

The artist used the highest quality canva professional acrylics, mediums, and varnishes.

Images of Splendid Defiance I

Colors used in Splendid Defiance I

  • ApproximatelyCashmere

  • ApproximatelyCosmic

  • ExactlyBlack

  • ApproximatelyPetite Orchid

  • ApproximatelyCannon Pink

  • ApproximatelyChestnut

  • ApproximatelyChestnut Rose

  • ApproximatelyApple Blossom

  • ApproximatelyContessa

  • ApproximatelyMatrix

  • ApproximatelyApricot

  • ApproximatelyMatrix

  • ApproximatelyCosmic

  • ApproximatelyCopperfield

  • ApproximatelyToast

  • ApproximatelyTonys Pink

  • ApproximatelySandrift

  • ApproximatelyStrikemaster

  • ApproximatelyIronstone

  • ApproximatelyMatterhorn


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