The way


Anna Barklem

The story of

The way

100cm x 100cm


The painting “The way” is the first in a series of abstract landscape paintings by the artist Anna Barklem, a professional artist based in Barcelona, Spain.

The series takes its inspiration from the artists’ extensive travel photography library. This scene is an abstract of a combination of photographs of the Abruzzo region of the Italian territory (east of Rome). The scene depicts the Adriatic coastline, Apennine Mountains, and rugged interior.

The painting took several weeks to complete using several complex stages and lots of drying time. The first stage was to build the scene with texture through the use of thick layering of professional gesso. The second stage was to apply nearly 100 layers of abstracted colors using soft brushstrokes, rubbing, sponging, and tints.

The artist aims to transport the viewer on a journey of anticipation. Using an abstraction from reality aids in removing the destructive influence of man upon nature, leaving only the beauty of the journey as it must have been experienced decades ago.


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