Tokio Road


Anna Barklem

The story of

Tokio Road

80cm x 80cm


The painting “Tokio Road” is one in a series of abstract expressionism paintings called Landscape by the artist Anna Barklem, a professional artist based in Barcelona, Spain.

This artwork is an abstraction upon abstraction. The artwork if developed over several weeks using long drying times to allow for layer upon layer of abstract artwork. This piece is the start of the journey into modern abstract expressionism by the artist Anna Barklem.

The highest quality canvas on a professionally crafted stretcher. The artist used professional acrylics, mediums, and varnishes by the manufacturer Liquitex.

Images of Tokio Road

Colors used in Tokio Road

  • ApproximatelyScarlet

  • ApproximatelySupernova

  • ApproximatelyGuardsman Red

  • ApproximatelyInternational Orange

  • ApproximatelyWeb Orange

  • ApproximatelyPizazz

  • ApproximatelyFlush Orange

  • ApproximatelyRed

  • ApproximatelyRoof Terracotta

  • ApproximatelyCorn

  • ApproximatelyBuddha Gold

  • ApproximatelyPirate Gold

  • ApproximatelyGrenadier

  • ApproximatelyPirate Gold

  • ApproximatelyLonestar

  • ApproximatelyRed Orange

  • ApproximatelySangria

  • ApproximatelyRock Spray

  • ApproximatelyBamboo

  • ApproximatelyPersian Red


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