Vanishing Shadow II


Chris Barklem

The story of

Vanishing Shadow II

60cm x 60cm


The second in the series of abstract expressionism artworks by the artist Chris Barklem called Vanishing Shadow.

This series is a short investigation into vanishing shadow perspective manipulation. The artist investigates the relationship of color, placement over a dark background.

The movement was created by dragging the paint across the canvas in multiple layers. Each layer contained pigments with different mixed mediums to allow paint separation.

The deep and rich colors give a vibrant foreground that dances over the deep dark background. The drawing of paint with a large 100cm rubber curved blade produces a plethora of organic forms.

The artist used the highest quality canva professional acrylics, mediums, and varnishes.

Images of Vanishing Shadow II

Colors used in Vanishing Shadow II

  • ApproximatelyLavender

  • ApproximatelyMonza

  • ApproximatelyTurbo

  • ApproximatelyRed Ribbon

  • ApproximatelyCerise

  • ApproximatelyMilano Red

  • ApproximatelyPurple

  • ApproximatelyScarlet Gum

  • ApproximatelyCerise

  • ApproximatelyPomegranate

  • ApproximatelyMonza

  • ApproximatelyRed Ribbon

  • ApproximatelyRazzmatazz

  • ApproximatelyRed Violet

  • ApproximatelyCerise

  • ApproximatelyLavender

  • ApproximatelyViolet Eggplant

  • ApproximatelyMedium Red Violet

  • ApproximatelyWindsor

  • ApproximatelyChristine


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